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The Event Format

What format does Mosaic3DX have?


Mosaic3DX is an event formed of an exhibition, a series of presentations and talks, and a free track. The exhibition and the main conference are ticketed and the free track, which is formed of a number of free presentations/workshops, is free of charge and open to anyone, subject to availability of spaces on the event.


Computer graphics are made possible by the microelectronics hardware such as what is known as the Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU). There are many standards and many layers of complex hardware and software that make the power of such devices available to users (anyone who uses a digital system). At Mosaic3DX, our aim is to educate the audience at all these different levels, from the microelectronic design of the graphic processors to the use of specialised software applications that enable experts in different industries to use these devices for their particular requirements.


As such, researchers, developers, artists, investors, educators, engineers, scientists, and even enthusiasts will find some aspect of Mosaic3DX very attractive.


Our conference program will distinguish each presentation to show which industry sector the presentations are targeting. The industries covered are categorised into Entertainments (Gaming, Visual Effects, etc.), Science and Engineering, and Arts & Design.


Please visit our Conference Program page for further information.